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WPRI: Dangerous & toxic toys revealed

List revealed ahead of holiday shopping season
Matt Smith

EAST PROVIDENCE, RI (WPRI) - The number of dangerous toys is going down, but there are still many out there.

From a hot wheels toy that's too noisy because it could cause hearing damage to a book geared for babies that loaded with lead, they're just some of the toys on the 2011 Most Dangerous Toys List.

The findings are the result of months of testing by the Rhode Island Public Interest Research Group.

"We found these hazards exist wherever you shop, so parents really need to be vigilant and look out for potential dangers," says Ryan Pierannunzi of the RIPIRG.

According to the groups testing, one sleep mask has 77,000 PPM of Phthalates, far exceeding the 1,000 PPM allowed.

"These chemicals used to make plastics softer have been connected to adverse health effects and adverse reproductive health effects," says Pierannunzi.

Choking remains one of the biggest dangers for children.

For parents, a simple toilet paper roll test comes in handy.

If a toy passes through it, it could cause your child to choke.

Although manufacturers are supposed to label appropriate ages on toys, some toys say nothing and don't pass the test.

Key findings from the report include:

  • Toys with high levels of toxic substances are still on store shelves. Two toys contain levels of phthalates – a chemical that poses development hazards for small children -- at 40 and 70 times allowable limits. Several toys violate current allowable lead limits (300ppm). Lead has negative health effects on almost every organ and system in the human body.
  • Despite a ban on small parts in toys for children under three, we found toys available in stores that still pose choking hazards.
  • We also found toys that are potentially harmful to children’s ears and exceed the hearing standards recommended by the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.

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